Color Product List

Name Of ProductsC.A.S. No.CI No TDS
Acid Fuchsin3244-88-042685Download
Acridine Orange10127-02-346005Download
Acridine Yellow 135-49-946025Download
Alcian Blue 8GX33864-99-274240Download
Alcian Yellow61968-76-112840Download
Amaranth (Azorubin S) 915-67-316185Download
Amido Black 10B 1064-48-820470Download
Aniline Blue W. S. (Methyl Blue)28983-56-442755Download
Auramine O 2465-27-241000Download
Azure A 531-53-352005Download
Azure B (Azur I )531-55-552010Download
Azure II 37247-10-252005Download
Basic Fuchsin632-99-542510Download
Bismarck Brown R 5421-66-921010Download
Brilliant Blue FCF3844-45-942090Download
Brilliant green 633-03-442040Download
Bromocresol Green 76-60-8Download
Bromocresol Purple 115-40-2Download
Bromophenol Blue 115-39-9Download
Bromophenol Red 2800-80-8Download
Bromothymol blue 76-59-5Download
Calconcarboxylic acid3737-95-9Download
Congo Red 573-58-022120Download
Cresol Red1733-12-6Download
O-Cresolphthalein complexone2411-89-4Download
Crystal violet 548-62-942555Download
Cresyl Violet Acetate10510-54-0Download
Dimethyl Yellow 60-11-711020Download
Eosin Yellow (Free Acid)15086-94-945380:2Download
Eosin Yellow (W S)17372-87-145380Download
Eriochrome Black T 1787-61-714645Download
Ethyl Violet2390-59-242600Download
Evans Blue 314-13-623860Download
Fast Green FCF2353-45-942053Download
Fluorescein 2321-07-5 45350:1Download
Fluorescein Complexon(Calcein)1461-15-0Download
Fluorescein Sodium Salt 518-47-845350Download
Giemsa Stain51811-82-6Download
Indigo Carmine 860-22-073015Download
Janus Green B2869-83-211050Download
Leishman's Stain12627-53-1Download

Light Green SF Yellowish 5141-20-842095Download
Meldola's Blue7057-57-0Download
Malachite Green (Oxalate) 2437-29-842000Download
May & Grunwald’s Stain 62851- 42 -7Download
Methyl Green 7114-03-642590Download
Methyl Orange 547-58-013025Download
Methyl Red 493-52-713020Download
Methyl Red Sodium Salt 845-10-313020Download
Methyl Thymol Blue Complexon1945-77-3Download
Methyl Violet 2B8004-87-342535Download
Methylene Blue (Zinc Free)7220-79-352015Download
Murexide (Ammonium Purpurate) 3051-09-0Download
Naphthol Green B19381-50-110020Download
Naphthol Yellow S 846-70-810316Download
New Fuchsin (BASIC VIOLET 2) 3248-91-742520Download
New Methylene Blue 6586-05-6 52030Download
Nitroso R Salt 525-05-3Download
Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Chloride298-83-9Download
Nuclear Fast Red6409-77-460760Download
Orange G 1936-15-816230Download
Pararosaniline Hydrochloride569-61-942500Download
Phenol Red143-74-8Download
Phenol Red Sod. Salt34487-61-1Download
Phloxine B 18472-87-245410Download
Pyronin B2150-48-345010Download
Pyronin Y 92-32-045005Download
Rhodamine B81-88-945170Download
Safranin O 477-73-6Download
Sudan III 85-86-926100Download
Sudan IV 85-83-626105Download
Tartrazine 1934-21-019140Download
Tetrazolium Red 298-96-4 52000Download
Thymol Blue76-61-9Download
Titan Yellow 1829-00-119450Download
Toluidine Blue 92-31-952040Download
Trypan Blue 72-57-123850Download
Wright's Stain68988-92-1Download
Xylene cyanole FF2650-17-142135Download
Xylenol Orange (tetra sod. Salt)3618-43-716150Download

pH Indicator Ranges

Solutions of pH indicators have a certain color at certain pH levels and this color changes with change in pH of the solution. These indicators are used to visually identify the acidity or alkalinity of the solution. pH indicators generally change color over a range of two pH units and work only in solutions in which a color change can be observed and can give only an approximate pH value. The table below gives a list of the common laboratory pH indicators.

pH Range Indicator
0.2 (red) – 1.8 (yellow) and 7.2 (yellow) – 8.8 (red) Cresol Red
1.2 (red) – 2.8 (yellow) and 7.4 (yellow) – 9.0 (purple) Cresolphthalein (meta)
1.2 (red) – 2.8 (yellow) and 7.4 (yellow) – 9.0 (purple) Cresol Purple
1.2 (red) – 2.8 (yellow) Thymol Blue
2.9 (purple) – 4.6 (green) Methyl Orange – Xylene Cyanol
3.0 (yellow) – 4.6 (blue) Bromophenol Blue
3.0 (blue) – 5.0 (red) Congo Red
3.0 (red) – 6.3 (yellow) Methyl Orange
4.0 (red) – 5.6 (yellow) Alizarin Red S
4.0 (yellow) – 5.6 (blue) Bromocresol Green
4.0 (colorless) – 6.6 (green) Dichlorofluorescein
4.2 (pink) – 6.2 (yellow) Methyl Red
4.6 (pink) – 5.2 (blue/green) Bromocresol Green / Methyl Red
5.2 (yellow) – 6.6 (purple) Bromocresol Purple
5.2 (yellow) – 6.8 (red) Chlorophenol Red
6.0 (yellow) – 7.6 (blue) Bromothymol Blue
6.8 (yellow) – 8.2 (red) Phenol Red
7.3 (colorless/reddish) – 8.7 (blue/green) Naphtholphthalein (alpha)
8.0 (colorless) – 10 (pink) Phenolphthalein
8.2 (colorless) – 9.8 (violet/red) Cresolphthalein (ortho)
8.8 (colorless) – 10.5 (blue) Thymolthalein
11.6 (blue) – 14.0 (yellow) Indigo Carmine